Creative Studio: The Collective
Art Direction and programming: Frederic Bussiere
Interactive Designer: Karen Chan
Hong Kong-based artist Peter Yuill invited us to collaborate on his solo exhibition “The Absurdity of Meaning” at KONG Art Space, Hong Kong. We had "carte blanche".

Our proposal was to use brainwaves to control a graphical system made of 3D circles.
We used the Emotiv Epoc+ EEG, which we knew was used in professional labs.
After analyzing the 16 different input signals I was able to catch in my own brain, I decided to focus on 3 parameters: talking, focusing, and action. They were the easiest to catch and were working with a wider range of users.
I conceived an experience where the goal was to mental neutrality, and this was visually expressed by having all the circles align together. Talking, focusing, or doing an action would disrupt the mental neutrality and would modify the organization of the 3D circles: out-of-focus effect, noise animation, and rose pattern.
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