Proposal for Porlwi Light Festival
Creative Studio: The Collective
Creative direction, R&D: Frederic Bussiere
The Harmony Mirror creates a live vision of what it could be like when humans coexist with animals. It will act as a real mirror, and add new elements from nature: animals walking, birds flying, and flowers blooming. The audience, passing in front of the mirror will discover itself reflected, and with new life around it: humans and nature in harmony.
Our mirror is made of a camera filming continuously and projecting its content on a wall, thus creating the illusion of a real mirror. Real-time 3D flora and fauna are added to the image, matching the correct perspective and illumination of the venue: a walking ungulate, a flying bird, a tree waving in the wind... Simultaneously a depth camera will detect the positioning of the people in front of the mirror and polish the positioning of the video elements and the integrated items. As a final result, the attendees will have the stunning impression of having fauna and flora immerse them from all sides.
Featured nature items will represent actual Mauritius fauna and flora, common species: monkeys, lions, elephants… and endangered/extinct species: dodos, tortoises, parakeets…
Concept video:
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